Excerpt from Chapter 14: The Red Cardinal

Just then, they were interrupted by a songbird perched on a branch above them. They looked up to discover a vibrant red male cardinal, Jennifer’s favorite. It was somewhat unusual for one to perch on a lower branch and Jennifer’s eyes gleamed as she listened to the bird happily singing his melodies. “I just love […]

Excerpt from Chapter 1: “It’s been a while…”

As Jennifer browsed at some of the locally-owned shops, she was soon interrupted by the persistent vibration of her phone in her back pocket. She had some work projects she was juggling, so she found a bench along the tree-lined street and began checking her emails and texts. After she was done tackling those, she […]


Looking back in time can be a mysterious undertaking. It’s a little like being a detective in your own private mystery story. While we would like to believe that our memory of prior events is accurate, even the clearest of minds can distort the past. We painstakingly search for the clues that will aid us […]